International Science and Production Cooperative "Global STH Technology".

For our company we have chosen just this form. This form is rather old but it continues to live and is operating today not only in Russia but also in many other countries.

Moreover, this form is very developed and widespread all over the world and has a number of significant advantages over the other forms of enterprizes.

At least 12% of people on earth is a cooperator of any of the 3 million cooperatives on earth. Cooperatives provide jobs or work opportunities to 10% of the employed population, and the three hundred top cooperatives or cooperative groups generate 2.1 trillion USD in turnover while providing the services and infrastructure society needs to thrive (GLOBAL 300). 
Our technologies placing on the market
  • Our system working efficiency was confirmed in the leading institutions of Europe (as evidenced by the test reports). 
  • In Russia the system industrial designs have been already certified and tested in industrial conditions.
  • All copyright rights reserved by our team and are protected by more than 30 patents.
  • The system is patented and tested in leading European institutions and certified in Russia.
  • Now the units  REM-100, REM 200, REM300, REM400, REM 600 kW are produced in our plant in Yekaterinburg in small volume.
  • According to the scale of technology readiness levels recommended by NASA (Technology Readiness Level or TRL) this system has the 9th  level of readiness.
Offers for partners

The case is the REM system – it's not all of our developments at all. We have developed not a separate system, but a technology that can be used both in the REM system, autonomous power supply system, and also in many other units and systems of various types. This technology can also be integrated into energy-intensive systems from electric transport to blast furnaces. 

So, we are talking just about STH technology, which can be widely used

Therefore, we are looking for specialized companies and enterprises to which we offer the following.
  • Engaging a big specialized partner (or partners)  for establishing a joint venture working across Europe, Asia and America.
  • Conclude license agreements with partners from different countries with global covering for energy conservation equipment production.
The cost of a license and the amount of royalties are determined each time individually, depending on the type of license (standard, exclusive or with global coverage), as well as the estimated volume of production and the region to which this license will apply.

We are always ready to different ways of co-operation, please feel free to contact us. Our specialists will answer all your questions. 


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