Autonomous power supply system (APSS) is designed for long-term continuous power supply without charging the batteries from an external power source. The continuous operation time is equal to the battery life.

The main difference from existing systems is that when the load is supplied, the energy balance is maintained, i.e. DC sources are either not discharged at all, or discharged, but for a much longer time.

Ultimately, the system is designed so that the batteries are not discharged at all.  There are two variants of this system. 

  1. System with one battery. In this system, the battery is fully charged and connected to the system, then it feeds the load through a special device and recharges itself through the same device. Thus, the energy balance is maintained: how much energy it gives to the load, so much returns to it for recharging. 
  2. System with two batteries. In this case, one battery supplies the load and charges the second battery. When the first battery is discharged, the second is already fully charged, they automatically switch, and the whole process is repeated again: now the second battery will supply the load and simultaneously charge the first battery Thus, the system works in the "swing" mode.
    APSS guarantees:
    • long-term power supply (without recharging the battery) of residential buildings, industrial facilities, telephone exchanges, cell towers, etc. in remote areas where there are no power lines;
    • continuous power supply of the load without charging the batteries from an external power source for various types of electric transport (electric cars, electric buses, boats, yachts, drones, etc);
    • significant savings in electricity bills.

     In this short video, our general designer Arkady Stepanov demonstrates the work of two APSS variants.
    Installation of APSS in electric cars and electric ships will increase the duration of their operation WITHOUT CHARGING equal to the battery life.

    As you can see, the principle of continuous power supply of the APSS without additional recharging of the battery is applicable for any type of electric transport. The duration of the operation of electric transport WITHOUT CHARGING will be determined only by the life of the battery.

    Also, APSS works very effectively in combination with solar panels and allows you to increase the supplied load by SEVERAL TIMES. Thus, one solar panel will be able to provide several times more consumers.



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