Besides Russia, our company also operates in Singapore and many other countries.
Due to the great interest to our technologies in the Southeast Asia region, from October 6 to 13 in Singapore, a meeting with leading representatives of business and the economy of this region was specially organized for our company.

Our company leading specialsts took part in this meeting.
From left to right: V. Khoriakov, A. Stepanov, D. Bertulis

The meeting was held in one of the largest business centers in Singapore.

Chief Designer Arkady Stepanov made a big report on the principle of operation and the advantages of our technology.

Then the work of the laboratory version of our installation was demonstrated. It aroused a great interest both among economists and businessmen.

Our technology attracted particular interest from Enercon Asia Pte Ltd and its owner, Mr. Lim Mun Hey (second from left. This company operates not only in Singapore, but also throughout the Southeast Asia region.

Our autonomous power supply system will be used in the control system of these communication modules (behind).

Negotiations continued until late in the evening. Singapore is especially beautiful at this time.
Our technologies aroused a great interest not only among businessmen, but also among economists and representatives of the country's administration.
First left - Deputy Minister of Energy, third left - President of the Singapore Energy Association.

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