October 21-23, 2019. Our company took part in the international exhibition on water treatment technologies, energy technologies and environmental protection WETEX 2019, which was held at the Dubai International Congress and Exhibition Center (UAE).
This one of the largest specialized exhibitions in the world was organized by the Dubai Electricity and Water Resources Authority (DEWA).

Every day there were a lot of visitors near our booth. They expressed a great interest in our technologies.

In such regions as UAE, Persian Gulf and the Middle East much attention is paid to the solar power plants development. Because the use of STH technology is very effective in this case, many companies were interested in cooperation with us.

At the invitation of one of these companies, we visited the existing solar power station. As you can see, it is a large area covered by solar panels.

At our booth, our chief designer have been demonstrating the installation based on STH technology operation. For days he had to contact a very large number of specialists and answer a lot of questions..

The benefits of using our STH technology have generated a lot of interest.
During the exhibition experts from the Dubai University analyzed the importance of the technologies and developments presented at the exhibition for the the Middle East economy development.
I must say that our technology has been assigned to the highest "Diamond" category.
So we were seated at a table with a corresponding sign

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