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Global STH Technology

Our unique technologies open up new horizons in the development of not only energy, but also the entire mankind life

Our company,


for many years has been developing energy-saving technologies and producing energy-saving equipment.
These technologies which have no equal in the world are collectively called STH Technology

Diamond Technology

Our company produces a wide range of energy-saving devices and installations that use STH technology in their work. In addition, the same equipment is produced under our license by our partners in Russia.
According to the results of the world exhibition WETEX 2019, in which we took part in October 2019, STH technology was classified in the highest, "DIAMOND" category in terms of importance for economic development.


The Phase Current Compensation Device (PCCD) is designed to save electricity consumed from AC power source by generating negative active power. This effect is possible due to the conversion of reactive power, enhanced due to resonance, into active power. This device allows the consumer to save at least 50% of electricity.


The Autonomous Power Supply System (APSS) is designed to provide long-term continuous power supply to the load without charging batteries from an external energy source. The continuous operation time of the device is equal to the service life of the batteries. The main difference from existing systems is that when powering the load, the energy balance is maintained, i.e. DC sources either do not discharge at all, or discharge, but over a much longer period of time.
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