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Phase Current Compensation Device 

Reduces energy costs in business from 30%
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Our equipment has been installed and successfully operated at many enterprises both in Russia and in other countries in Europe and Asia.

Our company,
"Global STH-Technology" , was founded by Russian specialists. The company is engaged in the innovative energy saving technologies development.

The Global STH Technology  Company produces

Phase Current Compensation Device PCCD

The electric power regenerator is designed to supply an active load in an economical mode.
The main purpose of using PCCD is to reduce payments for electricity.

As you know, the consumed power is divided into active and reactive.

At high values of reactive power, it is compensated by special devices - reactive power compensators.

PCCD can also compensate for inductive reactive power, but, unlike the usual compensators, PCCD does not utilize reactive power, but converts it into active power and sends it to the load.
This reduces the consumption of active power from the network.
 The PCCD operation principle involves the following processes: Resonance
Self-induction voltage
Conversion of reactive power to active

This allows, with the PCCD correct design and adjustment, to achieve a decrease in active power consumption and to reduce payments for electricity from 30%

The effect of using PCCD comes instantly!

PCCD is certified and protected by more than 30 patents

ATTENTION! We deliberately do not publish our latest patents, so as not to give a reason for "kitchen replicators" to try to make non-working copies of our installations in their kitchen and sell them for 500 rubles.

Our patents and certificates you can see at the page "OUR PATENTS"

In addition, PCCD was tested at the plant that produces electricity meters OOO Tekhnoenergo, and at the Volgograd State Technical University The test results are positive. You can find the results and protocols on the page "TESTING".

The use of PCCD is coordinated with sales companies, such as: MRSK, T plus.

PCCD is cost-effective to use when consumed
from 20,000 kWh per month
How we are working

The device cost calculating

After filling out the form on the site, we will contact you and clarify the specifics of your production. The consumed electricity amount determines the cost of the device.



We conclude an agreement, where we prescribe all the details and of the guarantee issues.

Prepaid expense

After making an advance payment, the PCCD is assembled specifically for your needs


Manufacturing and installation

When manufacturing, all the features of your company energy consumption are taken into account.

One month of test operation

You start to reduce the consumption electric energy immediately after installing the PCCD.


Ultimate settlement

If the declared characteristics are confirmed - payment of the balance. If not, we will dismantle the equipment and return the money. 

How much is PCCD?

The PCCD cost depends on its capacity. Each device is calculated individually, based on the characteristics of your production.

To clarify, you need to fill out a

CUSTOMER FORM with your data and we will offer a suitable option.

Leave your contact details
Our specialists will contact you for final calculations

You can contact us by phone (WhatsApp, Viber): : +7-916-340-84-63

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