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We are a Russian company that has been developing innovative energy saving technologies for many years.

We produce a number of energy-saving devices and installations, the basis of which are our innovations. The same equipment is produced under license by our partners, both in Russia and abroad.


We present to your attention the conceptual development of a Phase Current Compensation Device (PCCD). The operation of this technology is based on the following principles:


  • Our specialists have developed a method for controlling a resonant circuit (know-how 1), when the required amount of reactive energy is generated inside the circuit, is taken away without disturbing the operation of the resonance and the quality factor of the circuit itself.
  • Next (know-how 2) reactive energy is converted into active energy and transferred to the consumer. Due to this increase from the network, 50% less energy is consumed to power the client’s electrical equipment. Also, PCCD can provide an additional increase in electrical power with a factor of at least 2.


This device allows the consumer to save at least 50% of electricity. 



The PCCD installation is a system that allows saving up to 50% of electricity consumption in systems of 0.4 kV, 6 kV, 10 kV and above. Saving rates can reach 50% or more.


Physical processes are based on voltage resonance. We were able, without violating the quality factor of the circuit, to pump up the power in the resonant circuit and take it away. This power can be generated continuously, and since the resonant circuit is not destroyed, the resonance phenomenon continues.


This is the main principle of our know-how, which allows us to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.


Currently PCCD installations for 0.4 kV, 6 kV and 20 kV have already been successfully tested and their small-scale production has begun.


PCCD units assembly shop 



  • 50% savings in energy consumption;

  • instant display of energy savings on the meter display;

  • service life 20 years;

  • 3 years warranty;

  • short payback period;

  • environmentally friendly innovative technology.







The PCCD installation was tested both in Russia and in leading scientific and technical centers in Europe, and everywhere the test results confirmed its high efficiency.    


The test results are recorded in test reports from leading institutes in Germany and Switzerland - ELECTROSIUSSE (Switzerland), SGS (Germany), KYOCERA (Germany), eTec (Germany), Daimler (Germany), etc.


This video shows an example of industrial application of the PCCD installation


The PCCD device not only saves electricity consumed from an AC source. PCCD has proven its effectiveness when used together with various energy sources.
Connecting the PCCD installation to a fuel generator provides up to 40% fuel savings and increases the generated electricity by 10%.


PCCD has proven itself well when used in combination with alternative sources of electricity such as wind and solar power plants. This indicates not only the high efficiency of this installation, but also its environmental friendliness, which is of particular importance today.


The use of the PCCD system in combination with wind generator stations allows increasing their efficiency several times.




And when using PCCD in combination with solar power plants, the efficiency also increases several times.







Today, PCCD devices in the power range: from 1 kW to 600 kW are produced in small batches at our enterprises and the enterprises of our licensees.



A low power installation option, power 2 kW


Industrial installation, power 600 kW


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