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Our company Global STH-Technology was founded by a group of Russian specialists who have been engaged in research and development in the field of innovative energy saving technologies for more than twenty years.


Our technologies are called the STH system. During this time, we have come a long way and achieved certain successes. We are currently the owner of more than 30 patents that protect our copyrights.


The technologies have been tested in the world's leading scientific and technical centers in different countries, both Europe and Asia, and have received very high results everywhere.


Our equipment allows you to save up to 50% in electrical energy consumption, without making any changes to the standard technological equipment used in production. You can find out more about this on the Diamond Technology page.


Our main developments, such as PCCD (Phase Current Compensation Device) and APSS (Autonomous Power Supply System) have all the necessary international certificates.

Moreover, we are currently engaged not only in the development of technologies, but also in the production of energy-saving equipment based on these technologies. The same equipment is produced under license by our partners both in Russia and in various countries from Europe, India to Chile. 


Installation and configuration of a 600 kW PCCD installation


We often take part in various international exhibitions and conferences. So in 2019, at the international exhibition WETEX 2019 in Dubai, our technologies received the highest assessment, and they were classified in the Diamond Technology for its importance for economic development and from an environmental point of view.



Our energy-saving equipment is a guarantee of your business success and prosperity!