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Our technologies provide savings in energy consumption of up to 50% and can also be used in a very wide area.


And we are talking precisely about the fact that we have developed not some separate system, but a technology that can be used both in the PCCD system and in the APSS system, as well as in many other devices and systems of various types. This technology can also be integrated into energy-intensive devices from electric vehicles to blast furnaces.


In other words are talking specifically about STH technology, which can be used quite widely.


Therefore, as partners, we are looking for specialized companies and enterprises that we propose to take their place in this promising global business.


   What do we offer you?


  There are several variants for cooperation, the main ones are the following.


  • Creation of a joint venture for the production of energy-saving equipment using our technology with regional or global coverage.
  • Organization of licensing agreements with partners in different regions and countries for the production of energy-saving equipment. Moreover, licenses for the production of equipment using our technologies can be designed for one or several regions and can be either regular or exclusive (i.e., allowing only one representative to work in a given region).


   Licenses and Their Costs


The cost of licenses and royalties is determined individually, depending on the region (country), production volumes and  capacity.


All financial, contractual and other issues are resolved individually. The terms of cooperation are negotiated during a personal meeting after a technical examination by your specialists of our equipment in working condition. 


   Contact us directly and we will answer all your questions.


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