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Just a Little of Theory


When first getting acquainted with our developments, people often have a lot of questions, like how can this be, doesn’t this contradict the laws of physics? After all, the results look, at first glance, simply paradoxical. 


Therefore, I think it will be necessary to introduce you to some basic principles of how it works. And you will see: there is absolutely nothing paradoxical or supernatural here; moreover, the main ideas were expressed more than one and a half hundred years ago.



In 1899, Nikola Tesla discovered the principles of alternating current and invented an AC induction motor. However, he did not lay the foundation for the standard 110/230 V and 50 or 60 Hz. This standard was introduced at the request of the US billionaire and investor George Westinghouse, as it was best fit for AC transmission in distribution networks. Even today, the Westinghouse is one of the leading US energy companies.



Tesla's thought was different - alternating current, under certain conditions, is able not only to maintain its presence in the circuit, but also to generate additional energy.

Unfortunately, this idea did not find a commercial application, because you can earn  more by selling your own electricity rather than selling generators that provide you energy for free.


At the moment, the whole world economy is spinning around  electricity generation in all possible ways - from oil to solar cells. And of course, those who earn on energy resources are not interested to imperil their own profits. However, we have no other option - our planet is dying and the Earth 2 is not available to us.


Many scientists and inventors have tried to replicate Tesla's dough. Victor Shauberger, Jonathan Serla, Tariel Kapanadze, Joseph Newman and others. Why did they fail? Honestly - they succeeded. They all built one or another solution that produced free energy. Shauberger created it even on a flowing water basis. However, due to their personal or external circumstances, these studies, these devices do not appear beyond the lab, sometimes  garage walls..

Today we present you Arkady Stepanov, inventor from Russia, who for the second decade have been working on what is called a resonance circuit. And in front of you now is a working device that generates 500 watts of electricity and can work for an unlimited period of time with no fuel or additional energy.


So how does it work? To understand this, you have to step down from what you were taught at school. And at school you were taught that AC power consumers most often have both active and reactive inductive load. And the current can be divided into two components. The active component of the current coincides with the phase with voltage, but the reactive component is lagging in phase by 90 °. 


Current vectors form a current triangle. From this triangle, the active component kW is found. Cosφ is called power factor. If cosφ = 0 then the phase shift angle between current and voltage is 90 °, the circuit has no active current than, and only reactive current (kVA) flowing there. And opposite, if cosφ = 1 than there no reactive energy.  Today’s electrical instalations fight reactice power as “useless”.  Till today.


A bit from quantum physics yet. The energy levels and sub-levels in the materials of multiple electrons (Iron, Copper, Aluminium…) are filled with electrons according to the principle of minimum energy, i.e. from the levels and sub-levels in which the electron has the smallest energy. According to this principle, electrons should completely fill all sub-levels of one energy level and only then begin to deploy at the next highest energy level.


STH Technology use conventional industrial copper wires. Copper have 29 electrons. By creating a resonant contour at special set of frequencies, we allow the reactive current to move the electrons from all electrons cloud not only from the outer electron shell, as we do in today 230/110V 50/60Hz AC grid. 


As deeper  electron levels reached bay the resonance, as greater the amount of energy you have. And this resonance is caused by the "worthless" reactive current circulating inside the STH circuit until the active current is used appropriately.
It's like keeping a hand against the wind - you will feel resistance. Lift the sail, and you will feel power.


How to find the right frequency to get into the micro-world - quantum physics? 
In the Indian religion, the whole world is believed to be one single sound OUMM. Each material has its own "song", its own quantum resonance frequency, at which are capable to prowide more energy than it receives. Similarly, as a soldiers marching step can create a resonance that destroys the bridge. Today we try to pull down bridge with kicking them by boots. Much bigger power consumption, isn’t? 



STH Technology is able to generate the right 'song’, that is capable of producing energy for an unlimited time thank to the unique and patented know-how –correct set of frequencies, voltage and circuit configuration. There no mowing parts or unconventional components in those devices.