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STH Technology is one of the newest Russian invention in the preservation and energy efficiency area.


The operation of this technology is based on the following principles:


  • Our specialists have developed a method for controlling a resonant circuit (know-how 1), when the required amount of reactive energy is generated inside the circuit, which is selected without disturbing the operation of the resonance and the quality factor of the circuit itself.
  • Next (know-how 2) reactive energy is converted into active energy and transferred to the consumer. Due to this increase from the network, 50% less energy is consumed to power the client’s electrical equipment.. 



The novelty of the proposed development lies in the use of previously unknown to science physical effects and patented technical solutions, which, when used together in the form of a device connected to the network before or after the consumer, provide an economic effect in the form of approximately twofold energy savings..


Previously, saving electrical energy was considered solely as using equipment that consumes less power from the network. As is obvious, such a principle cannot always give significant results.


In our case, a fundamentally new approach is used. For example, installing PCCD reduces energy consumption from the general power network, but at the same time the client uses his standard equipment, which consumes its standard operating power. At first glance this may seem paradoxical, but this is the main idea of our development. There is nothing surprising in this: these patterns and effects were described in the last century.


  • These technologies have received confirmation of their performance in leading European institutions.
  • Industrial designs have already been certified in Russia and have been tested in industrial conditions.
  • На наших предприятиях уже мелкосерийно выпускаются устройства УКТФ в диапазоне мощностей   от 50 до 3000 кВт.
  • Our enterprises are already producing small-scale PCCD devices in the power range from 50 to 3000 kW.

Based on this technology, we have created a number of devices that allow:


  • reduce power consumption in the consumer’s electrical network, and, consequently, reduce active power consumption and electricity payments;
  • provide long-term continuous power supply to the load without charging batteries from an external energy source;
  • provide economical heating of residential buildings or industrial buildings where it is impossible or expensive to do this with gas.



  • industrial enterprises (mechanical engineering, metallurgy, etc.);
  • alternative energy sources (solar power plants, wind generators, etc.);
  • any types of electric transport;
  • unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • mobile radios, mobile medical assistance systems, lighting systems;
  • in greenhouses;
  • in the restaurant business;
  • in household electrical systems;
  • in research centers;
  • as well as in many other areas of activity.